Redback Promotion is a German booking and artist management agency founded by Michael Grosicar back in early 2007. We book local shows and tours mainly through all Europe and in some cases even overseas for all genres of real handmade music – with a main focus on all kinds of Metal & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

One of our main indicators is our rather small artist roster of any of our booking agents and the healthy personal & professional business releationship between our agents and Redback Promotion’s exclusively represented artists. We are really proud to know our clients we are representing very well indeed – which is another important indicator for a successful collaboration with any of our artists.

Combined with common honesty, conscientiousness, determination, high confidence and directness, Redback Promotion clearly disaffilates itself from most other competing booking agencies and delivers the „last skosh“ which any artist ist looking for and highly appreciates.

Our agents are based in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, England and Scotland. Together we combine many years of business experience and everyone of us hosted an uncountable amount of shows and worked with many bands and artist from all around the globe.


Michael Grosicar (GM & Head Agent)
Valeria Branca
Ronny Frohner
Bernd Grünwald
Laszlo Hegyi
Joe Macgregor
Marita Mirabella

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